VOLUNTEERS are the heart of the Cooper City High School Band Parent Association (CCHSBPA). We rely heavily on the time and talent of our volunteers to keep the Sound of Pride a premier band in south Florida. Contributing to the program by sharing your time can bring a sense of pride and accomplishment. See the article, “HAPPY GENES”, below, to discover more about the benefits of becoming involved.


***To see our immediate volunteer needs and to sign up, please log onto Charms  


For the safety of our students, it is necessary to adhere to the Broward County Volunteer Guidelines. All volunteers must have a criminal background check performed before working, in any way, with students. It’s easy to attain this clearance through the School Board of Broward County. Here is the link to the application : http://www.getinvolvedineducation.com/volunteers/application.htm


The application becomes available online the 1st of August each year and can take up to 2 weeks for processing. After submitting your application, you need to notify the Chaperone Coordinator, Dora Casanova at casanovadora@yahoo.com.


After approval is granted, the picture for your ID Badge will be taken at the CCHS office. The time and location of the picture session is announced at the August Band Parent Association Meeting.  If you want to chaperone or work at the concession stand for the first home game, you must already have this “Level One Clearance”. You will need to apply for clearance EVERY SCHOOL YEAR.


In order to obtain volunteer clearance that will allow you to travel overnight with the band, you must apply for LEVEL TWO CLEARANCE. If the Band Director requests that you accompany the band as a chaperone for an overnight trip, your name will be submitted through the CCHS front office. Once the office receives a letter from the District granting approval, you will go to The KC Wright Building in Ft. Lauderdale to get fingerprinted. You will bring your driver’s license and a completed FDLE VECHS WAIVER AGREEMENT AND STATEMENT with you. The fee for this process is usually covered by the school. If you are a School Board of Broward County employee, the process is simpler.



It’s well known that “making a difference” makes us happier and healthier: People who volunteer live longer. Now a new study finds that your body might know this on a molecular level. The specific type of happiness you derive from pursuing a greater purpose positively influences the genes in your immune system. “People whose happiness comes primarily from doing good for others… show a much more favorable gene profile, with less inflammation and better antibody and antiviral activity,” says lead researcher Steven W. Cole, PhD., professor of medicine at UCLA. No need to get lofty. “It can be as simple as investing more time with your grandchildren-whatever you care about.” – Holly St. Lifer

BE SURE to KEEP TRACK of your volunteer HOURS. You can now do this on CHARMS!


Guidelines For Volunteers

To make your experience as a volunteer a beneficial one for the students and for you, please follow these guidelines:


  1. Your main concern while engaged in school/extra-curricular activities should be the safety of all students.

  2. You are required to complete an application form annually before volunteering.

  3. You must wear a name badge for identification when helping with school activities.

  4. You are required to scan your volunteer badge in and out of school.

  5. You should set a good example for students by your manner, appearance and behavior. You shall not disclose or share with anyone any student information which may include academic performance, behavior, disabilities, personal or family matters.

  6. Medications may be dispensed only by authorized school personnel. It is the District policy that students with chronic conditions become self-sufficient in managing his/her medication. Students may carry and self-administer certain medications (inhalers, ‘epi-pens’, insulin if the school has been provided with authorization from the student’s parent and prescribing practioner. Volunteers may never dispense medication even if medically licensed.

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