Tommy the Tuba likes to travel...


Tommy is ready to go on an adventure to help the kids in the Sound of Pride reach their goal of the Sugar Bowl! Tommy is waiting for you to make a reservation. Just make a small donation and give us the address where you want to send Tommy, and he'll be on his way! Did Tommy stop by your home or office for a visit? You can send him further along on his journey, or for a slightly higher donation, send him home.


He can visit friends' homes, or businesses, or you can just send him back home for a rest, but remember, the more he travels, the closer the students are to getting to the Sugar Bowl and the chance of a lifetime to perform for tens of thousands of people in New Orleans on New Year's Day, 2016.


Choose one:


$25 -- Please relocate Tommy to my friend's lawn! (We'll need the address of Tommy's next destination -- please select "Add note to seller" on the Paypal page and include your name, the name of the person at the next destination and address, or email Paul Smith at with the information.)






$35 -- Remove Tommy from my lawn. (Please verify your address, so we can come collect Tommy -- please select "Add note to seller" and include your name and the address on the Paypal page or email Paul Smith at with the information.)

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