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Marching Band

Cooper City High School has an outstanding, award winning marching band that is rich in tradition.  Its standard of excellence and reputation as a superior arts education and performance program have led to a highly regarded presence in the community at large.

Color Guard

The Color Guard is open to all members of the CCHS student body interested in the art of performing with this ensemble. Color guard/winter guard members must be enrolled in the Eurhythmics class which is scheduled during the 7th period and meets daily. In addition to learning to spin flags, rifles, and sabers, the class includes physical conditioning and dance/movement training. Therefore, students enrolled in the Eurhythmics class are expected to dress appropriately for each class session. Because of the physical nature of class, students with physical limitation (especially those involving shoulders, knees and ankles) must discuss these conditions with the color guard class instructor prior to beginning training. In some cases limitations and/or injuries may interfere so much that the student will be placed on “alternate status” until such time as the instructors and band director feel the student is able to perform without risking further personal injury or the integrity of the program.

Each student must comply with all rules and regulations for the organization. The student agrees to attend all after-school rehearsals and performances as a member of the Marching Band and Winter Guard. (Exceptions made in advance through band director approval only). Each member must be in good standing within the band program. Placement into the Varsity or Junior Varsity winter guard is based on an audition and the student’s performance and attitude during the previous season.

Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is the highest level ensemble and is the principal concert organization, attending FBA sponsored events. Membership is determined by competitive audition of all band members. The instrumentation of the Wind Ensemble is pre-determined by an ideal standard, and once that instrumentation is filled, no additional members are accepted. Members of the Wind Ensemble are also expected to be active participants of The Sound of Pride Marching Band, and any member who fails to maintain a consistently high level of musicianship may be rescheduled to another band class. Extra rehearsals and performances, beyond the school day are required.

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is the second level band and is made up of all grade levels. These students will study and perform music of grade II thru V on the FBA listing. The class meets one period per day, holds after school rehearsals during concert season, performs at the annual FBA Concert Festival, presents public concerts, and participates in other FBA sponsored events. Extra rehearsals and performances beyond the school day are required.

Concert Band

The Concert Band is the first level band where students learn new instruments or further pursue one that they are associated with already.

Jazz Band

The jazz band (jazz ensemble) is a musical ensemble that plays jazz music. Jazz bands vary in the quantity of its members and the style of jazz that they play but it is common to find a jazz band made up of a rhythm section and a horn section.

Varsity Winter Guard

Winter Guard is an indoor color guard activity, derived from the outdoor summer activity that is commonly part of marching band or drum corps. Winter guard is performed indoors, usually in a gym or indoor arena during the winter or spring season. Instead of performing as a visual accent to the marching band, each winter guard team picks their own performance music. Winter guard teams are judged, not only on talent and precision, but also on creativity. They can use various equipment (flags, rifles, & sabres), props, and dance moves.

JV Winter Guard

Color Guard is a unique blend of athleticism and performance art.
The JV Color Guard targets those individuals who will be trained in basic flag, rifle, and dance technique, while also learning choreography for a show. The JV Color Guard will perform the show in local high school gyms to recorded music.

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