Band Camp

Every summer The Cooper City High School "Sound of Pride" Marching Band has 2 sessions of intensive training to learn the show's marching drillIt is very important that everyone be present EVERY DAY at band camp. Lunch and dinner are provided if parents order them beforehand. Proper clothing, sunscreen and ball caps are necessary. See "Guide to a Successful Band Camp" below for more important information.  


Guide To A Successful Band Camp

General Instructions:

  • Be here – every session is important. If you miss, you are behind and it’s your responsibility to learn what you missed.

  • Be EARLY for everything. The scheduled time for rehearsals is not when you are to arrive, but to be ready to start. Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to every rehearsal.

  • Make sure you have your instrument/equipment, LARGE sports water jug (at least ½ gallon, not a water bottle), notebook, black towel (to set your instrument on), music, Dot Book (3x5 spiral index notebook) with a long shoelace to wear for drill. Make sure your name is clearly printed on everything including your duffel bag.

  • Get plenty of rest.

  • Hydration begins the night before band camp, not the morning of or during. Drink lots of extra water every night, and have a few glasses of water in the morning. If you wait until you are in rehearsal to start hydrating, you put your health at risk.

  • Eat a good breakfast at least an hour before rehearsal. DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST….EVER! Include protein and fruit; avoid high sugar foods. Eating healthy meals will help you feel better and provide endurance for outdoor rehearsals in the sun. Do NOT eat or drink dairy for breakfast- it is too heavy on your stomach in combination with exercise and heat.

  • Bring healthy snacks and a lunch. Limit fatty foods.

  • Bring asthma inhalers, epi-pens and other medical necessities that you require throughout the day.



What To Wear

  •  Comfortable athletic shorts (no jeans) that ‘wick’ moisture away and short sleeve or tank tops in light colors. 

  • Comfortable, supportive sports bras

  • “Sliders” (spandex shorts) are recommended to wear under athletic shorts to prevent chafing. Baby powder is also helpful in preventing this.

  • Running shoes with support- no sandals, slip-ons, or flat sneakers (converse, vans, etc.)

  • Hat or visor and sunglasses.

  • SUNSCREEN is a MUST for everyone. Apply it before coming to camp and be prepared to reapply continually throughout the day. Even put it on your lips!

  • A small towel, deodorant, extra shirt/socks are a good idea.

Survival Tips:

  • Be respectful to all staff and volunteers, drum majors, section captains and band captain. They’re here to help you contribute your very best to the Sound of Pride Band Program.

  • Maintain a POSITIVE attitude; be enthusiastic because you CAN do everything we will ask you to do!

  • Listen to directions and be ready to take constructive criticism. This is a learning process; we don’t expect that you will perform perfectly. But when mistakes are pointed out, work to correct them. 

  • Ask any questions you have! Band camp is a time to learn, and there is no need to be embarrassed if you don’t understand something.

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