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Sound of Pride Mission Statement

The Sound of Pride Parents Association believes the Arts positively impact local communities and are critical to a complete education. Supporting young people in creative learning and artistic endeavors to ensure they will be more engaged and enriched in all aspects of their lives. The presence of the arts and artists in society is a vital component of a thriving community.

Within our school here at Cooper City High School, Music Education provides the tools needed so that students can not only master the art of music-making, they can also become creators of feelings and emotions. The arts even provide an outlet and healing to children with depression and anxiety often found in today’s society.  Health, nutrition, and self care are also vital to learn at a young age. Mastering the art of music-making and performing, benefits physical and cognitive development.  Dexterity and coordination are necessary skills developed to perform on a musical instrument, and the act of learning and reading music develops the same skills needed to learn a foreign language and to comprehend high order academic subjects.

The Sound of Pride Parents Association supports the combination of all the performing arts: music, dance, art, and performance. The expansion of these programs within the school curriculum includes music, music education, dance, directing, arts administration, technical theatrics, and principles of design. Costume, lighting, sound engineering, and scenic prop design build, all combine technical skills, and visual art techniques to make performances an all-encompassing experience. The skills learned by students are one day passed on cultivating skilled creators, communicators, and collaborators through the Arts.

Sound of Pride Parent Booster
Mission Statement

It is our mission to ensure that every band member within the Sound of Pride gets the best opportunity to experience the enrichment that music and the arts bring to our community and to our lives.

As parents, we will accomplish this goal by instilling a good work ethic in our children, emphasizing service to others, providing the example of leadership, and supporting our professional creative educators and staff in every way we can.

As band boosters, we will advocate for the value of arts education within our school district, and we will provide volunteer assistance and financial supplements via fundraising efforts so students and directors in the band program may attain their artistic and educational goals.

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